Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Today is... Wednesday, February 16

Outside my is partly sunny and very springy!!!!
I am thinking...that I can't wait to get outside on my lunch break for some of this great fresh air...WITHOUT a jacket!!
I am thankful...that Benjamin is feeling better after a nasty, 3 1/2 day stomach flu bout.
I am wearing...a new $5 maroon and white-striped sweater with a long string of pearls, tan pants and my brown boots! Oh, and my pearl earrings too. I love how you can pull off a $5 clearance sweater by pairing it with some classy, timeless jewelry :-)
I am difficult it is to catch up on work after missing 3 full days in the office!
I am creating...thank you notes! I have been so blessed to have friends and family helping out during this time of transition for us and have lots of thank you's to get out to them.
I am church tonight and so happy since we missed Sunday morning with Benjamin being so sick.
I am one-year Bible and lots of devotions, but that's it.

I am hoping/praying...that God will continue to help me keep my focus on Him during this turbulent time!
I am hearing...Jack Johnson on the Muzac him!!

On my mind...wondering how long it will really take me to catch up on all of this work.

Pondering these words:
From the kitchen...I have had the ingredients to make a new stuffed chicken recipe for weeks now and just haven't done it, I think tomorrow will finally be the night. Perhaps I'll share pictures and the recipe, if it turns out and all.

Around the house...I was busy disinfecting, disinfecting, and then disinfecting last night after it seems this illness has finally left. I sure hope so, it was not a fun one at all!
One of my favorite things...Parenthood! I absolutely adore that show, best show to come to television in a long time, IMHO!
A few plans for the rest of the tonight, not much tomorrow (except my new recipe), Women Who Move on Friday night at church and hopefully getting together with my brother on Saturday (Uncle Dan).

My Word Picture... future firefighter?


  1. What a doll!!! It sounds like you are doing much better! Sure wish you could just pop over for some of that yummy pulled pork! I still pray for you daily.

  2. Cute pic. I plan on making some corn fritters tomorrow. I've been craving them so bad!
    I heard it was around 50 earlier from my sister-in-law who lives there. I'm so jealous!!! Negative 17 here tonight =[

  3. Good to see you sounding "positive".
    I've missed you checking in and have been wondering how you're doing.
    Mr B looks absolutely adorable!

    ps LOVE Jack Johnson!