Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Look Who's Two!

I guess I should think about trying to blog a bit more often, not just after Benjamin has had another birthday. I miss writing and getting around to visit all of your blogs too. Here is a peek at my little man and a Happy Independence Day to all of you!


  1. My Trudy Benjamin has grown into a fine boy, how happy he looks. I still have that photo of when he was born and the poem I it really two years.
    Good luck to you both.

  2. I'm stunned. I still remember when you were goodness gracious. blessed 2 years precious Benjamin!

  3. blessings trudy, its been a while, ooo he's has grown, what a handsome fello.

    All the best, stay blessed

  4. Hi Trudy...
    Just checking in. I hope and trust all is well with you and you are not letting the weight of the world weigh you down so it makes it hard to come up for air and notice the sunshine and the buds on the roses.

    stay blessed.
    peace be with you