Wednesday, May 11, 2011

X is for Generation X!

Apparently, I am a ‘Gen Xer’…since I fall within the guidelines of those set forth for Gen X.  I did a little homework on the origin of Generation X and, courtesy of Wikipedia, learned that the term was coined back in the 1950’s. My generation is referred to as the ‘baby bust’ due to the drop in birth rate following the baby boom (my parent’s generation). I don’t necessarily feel that I relate to, or resemble many of the character traits that have been set forth for the Gen Xer’s. Here are just a few:
-          a group of young people, seemingly without identity, who face an uncertain, ill-defined (and perhaps hostile) future.
-          A generation of teenagers who sleep together before they are married, were not taught to believe in God as ‘much’, and don’t respect parents.
-          Often the children of divorced parents, change is more the rule for the people of Generation X than the exception.
I am happy to be the exception to that last one! My parents have been happily married for close to 45 years now! So, I guess I don’t really identify myself with the characteristics of a Gen Xer, but technically I do fall right in the middle of the time frame.
Sorry this was kind of boring…still trying to finish this challenge and I was really stuck on the letter X!


  1. Not at all boring Trudy, quite the reverse.

    Take care.

  2. That is sort of funny! lol. And my parents are still married too; so are Stu's! I guess we are the rare ones. ;)

  3. two most posts, you are done,

    I bet you have fun.
    love your blog.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

  4. Blessings.....

    hmmmmmm.... interesting definition, i don't ascribe to labels though. It is only in the western world that the birth rate has dropped.

    Hope you are well and your family are all in the best of health and happy.