Monday, April 4, 2011

B is for Behind!

Yes, B is for in I am running behind in this challenge already! B is also for Benjamin...who I love to talk about and share pictures of on my blog!

First, the talk. Benjamin truly is my 'little light'. I could not love this kid more if I tried, and I do try! We will be celebrating his 1st birthday in less than a month now. This blows my mind, truly! He has been an absolute treasure and I look forward to continuing to watch him grow.

Here are just a few more pictures to share. And then I need to continue getting caught up on this challenge!!

This one is a bit dated, but still a favorite to date...which was our Christmas card this year!

And finally, a favorite from our first photo shoot!

Yes, 'B' is also for blessed...which I am, beyond measure!

May God bless all of you as well!


  1. I can't believe he is going to be a year already!!! Siiiigggghhh.

    Love the pictures. That baby needs to be a model.

    So what are the birthday plans Mama? What kind of cake for that special boy?!?!?!

  2. He is getting so big!!! I can't believe he'll be a year next month!!! Time sure flies!

  3. I love him in the Christmas Gift bag! What a great, simple idea! I'm sad I never thought of that!

    Now they are too big. (sigh) :)

  4. Haven't been by to visit you since the Challenge started and thought I'd start here since I'm way behind too. I'm keeping up with my posts okay, but not doing so good with visiting everyone. What a huge amount of postings. But it's fun. This is a wonderful 'B' post. Kids grow up so quickly!

    Tossing It Out