Wednesday, April 6, 2011

D is for Disqualified!

Yes, today...D is for disqualified, since I believe the creators of this wonderful challenge should do exactly that...disqualify me from participating, since I can't seem to keep up! Of course I know that won't happen, which is the true beauty of it. I just feel a big discombobulated without the computer at home. Which also makes it so very difficult for me to connect with others who are participating in the challenge, which I find to be one of the true joys of it. I love meeting new blogging friends and learning what they are all about. I do hope that I will once again have a computer before the end of this challenge, so that I can do that. However, for order to avoid disqualification...I'd best head onto my E and F posts, so I can catch up with everyone!

Have a beautiful day everyone!


  1. Good luck catching up - and just think! You're making all of the rest of us feel so much better just because we're keeping up! ;)

  2. I struggled with D as well. The pressure can get a bit overwhelming, but I pushed through. I'm proud of myself and hopefully this challenge will help instill some writing discipline. Good luck!

  3. Maybe you need a marathon session, and just schedule as many posts to display as you can.

    It must suck not to h ave a computer at home.

    I know we'd be three grumpy campers if we couldn't get online...though I bet the house would be cleaner!

  4. Keep your chin up! And June's comment, yes my house would be cleaner and the laundry would actually be folded and put away...


  5. We won't disqualify anyone. A few have dropped out but not many that I know of. I still smile when I think of one blogger last year who was so determined to finish, but so always behind, that I think she didn't finish her alphabet until June or July. She did finish though and I thought that was pretty cool.

    Keep at it. This is mostly about you challenging yourself and having a good time.

    Tossing It Out