Wednesday, April 20, 2011

P is for Photo Shoot!

I am so excited to have Benjamin’s next photo shoot on our calendar! These will be his 1-year photos. No, I can’t believe it…not for a second! My little boy is growing so quickly…right before my very eyes. We have a good friend at church that does photography for fun and just does an amazing job. I couldn’t be more excited if I wanted to be. We are planning an outdoor shoot this time, weather permitting. I have so many fun ideas just bubbling in my head, but also love the natural shots…so am looking forward to what she captures on that day. Then, the following day we will have his 1st birthday party, so much fun. I will have lots to share a couple weeks from now!


  1. What a nice P post! I can remember when my boys turned one, and now I have grand-cuties turning two and three. Time flies! Enjoy every moment!

  2. A wonderful post Trudy it don't seem that long since you announced Benjamin's birth.
    Have fun.

  3. I love your new blog, time goes by so fast especially the time it takes our little ones to grow. Looking forward to seeing the 1 year photos.

  4. A first birthday is priceless. Enjoy it!
    I'm a new A-Z Follower. :)

  5. Really...Really? 1 years old? Wow! Well I cannot wait to see those pictures. Glad you have a friend that is going to take them for you.