Tuesday, April 19, 2011

N is for Name

What’s in a name? Since it is Holy Week, I wanted to discuss the name of Jesus.
Recently, our pastor gave a sermon on religious roads, posing the question as to whether or not all religious roads lead to the same end. Speaking specifically of how different religions view God, Jesus and Holy Books, and whether or not the understanding of them in the different world religions was the same. Here is what we came up with in regard to Jesus.
Judaism says that Jesus was a great Teacher or prophet, but did not rise from the dead.
Islam says that Jesus was a Prophet below Mohammed, not crucified nor the Son of God.
Buddhism says that Jesus was a good Teacher but less than Buddha. Death and resurrection are insignificant in the Buddhist religion.
Hinduism says that Jesus was an avatar or incarnation of Vishnu. Death and resurrection are insignificant in the Hindu religion.
Christianity says that Jesus was fully God, fully man, died on the cross and rose from the dead.
Who do YOU say Jesus is?

I'm still playing catch up and know that we are actually supposed to be posting the letter 'P' today, I may or may not catch up. We'll see, but I WILL complete this challenge, LOL!
God's blessings to you all!


  1. Lovley post Trudy, you're only a few letters behind so don't worry. I hope Benjamin is going to enjoy his Easter eggs.
    Take care/

  2. I posted today on P, but the name of Jesus is part of it, the very crux of it, really. Glad to find you .

  3. Many thanks Trudy on your kind comment, most welcomed.