Thursday, April 7, 2011

G is for Grapes!

Grapes are my second favorite fruit...for those who just have to know, the apple is my favorite! I love grapes…they are just fun to eat. I love the ‘pop’ when you bite into them, the juicy punch and the flavor. Well, except for those sour ones, who likes them??!! Have you ever tried freezing your grapes? They are a fabulous snack…especially in the summertime!
I think that’s about it for my G post…I’m just Grateful to finally be caught up in this challenge! Now let’s see how long I can stay caught up.
I also just put up my ‘F’ post and doubled up yesterday on my 'D' and 'E' posts…if anyone is interested in all I have to say!
God’s blessings on your day!


  1. Love your blog and your posts! I think you are more than caught up - or I'm behind. I think we get Sundays off to rest . . . maybe. Have to check on that again.

  2. Yum grapes! I never knew they were poisonous to dogs! I didn't find that out until I was an adult. I can't tell you how many times my mom's dog spit out grapes I gave her when I was a she knew!

    The dog I have now, would so eat them! My kids drop them all over and we squash them w/our feet...ew!


  3. HMMMM I love grapes also! I love red ones and green ones and purple ones. And in moderation, to the glory of God I also like grapes in liquid form, both as juice and wine.

    God was so good when He created the grape and gave it as a sign of abundance and blessing to His people.
    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  4. I too love grapes but the black ones.
    This has really made my day, you getting back in touch. Hope wee Benjamin is well also yourself,Oh there are 100 things to say, went to Nashville, had a good time, still having smear test the result came back today.....still abnormal but IT'S NOT CANCER,I had to deactivate my face book for a while as my pc crashed but it's all ok now and an back on facebook. It must be coming up to Benjamin's birthday my where have that year gone.
    Keep in touch.

  5. I must be a little dyslexic...I thought you said "that's it for my G-spot (not post). haha. I love grapes, too; red, sweet ones.